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StemExpress Foundation seeks to improve the lives of patients and their families by driving significant change and progress in medical research. 



  • Advocate for patients and their families, particularly those impacted by rare diseases.

  • Support the biomedical research community by providing raw materials needed for life-saving studies.

  • Maintain a network of research institutions, universities, hospitals, and clinics in order to increase the speed of research that immediately impacts individuals affected by diseases.

  • Educate government leaders about the unlimited potential of medical research to reduce unnecessary suffering and loss of life.

  • Support continuing education in the biotech industry through internships and scholarship opportunities.



Researchers around the world need blood samples to facilitate their work developing new treatment technologies and even cures. To expedite this research, we collect many types of specialized blood samples including maternal blood, umbilical cord blood, and even small samples (only tablespoons) from cancer patients. These small samples are doing big work! For example, scientists can use maternal blood in the creation of simple blood screenings to detect any anomalies in early pregnancy.

Scientist must go through many phases of research and trials before new technologies reach patients. By providing needed blood samples to researchers, we are able to help accelerate the time it takes to complete vital projects. It's pretty amazing, and you can help!

To learn more about donating, please visit our Patients page.

Clinics interested in participating please visit our Doctors page for more information.


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