Research has Changed My Life

Jon’s passion for research and helping others has led him to StemExpress, but has had stops along the way as a lead phlebotomist and trainer at a northern California blood bank, as well as a lead tech and site manager for StemExpress before settling into his current role.

For Dorothy, it's Personal

For Dorothy, it's Personal

Advancements in medical research are critical and life-changing. That’s why, when presented with the opportunity to work in this field, despite having no background, training, or expertise in science or medical research, I jumped on it.

Open House in Folsom, CA

Memorable Moments from the Ribbon Cutting

We are so excited to announce the opening of our newest Stem Cell Collection Center's location in Folsom, CA. We celebrated the opening of this Collection Center with food and live music at our ribbon cutting and open house.  Local business owners, the Folsom Chamber, and other Folsom neighbors joined us for a classy evening learning more about the exciting work we do. Participants enjoyed delicious cuisine from Hannibals catered food, libations provided by The Wine Smith, tasty treats from Little Bliss Cakery and tunes from Dylan Vroom. We also gave guided tours of our new Collection Center and our cutting-edge lab to our esteemed guests. Guests also had an opportunity to share what cure they wish was available at our WISH4ACURE photo booth. 

See pictures from the event below.


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#WISH4ACURE Photo Booth

By using our hashtag, #wish4acure, you can spread awareness that stem cell research can and will have a HUGE impact when creating treatments and cures for many known diseases. See what our attendees wished for.  

Interested in becoming a blood donor? 

Healthy donors can learn more by click here. We also have blood donation opportunities for those impacted by disease, and you can learn more here

Running for health and to support local charities!

Way to go StemExpressers! Running for health and to benefit local charities in Sacramento at the California International Marathon. What an inspiration to see so many people out running and so many awesome supporters cheering everyone on!

Cancer Patients Help Researchers by Donating Blood

Cancer Patients Help Researchers by Donating Blood

For Meagan Shull, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, donating helps her feel empowered. As a cancer survivor, Shull can't be an organ donor or donate to blood banks, but she can donate to help the StemExpress Foundation conduct research.